Theatre Review: BOOM



29th June 2012 (Friday), 8pm

Details of the play.

(photo taken during rehearsal)

Grooming in a BOOM!

Buildings can be torn down; cemeteries can be cleared up.

But the power of Theatre is able to ‘bring’ them back to us in just one night! (Of course, all the efforts that have been put in are Not overnight). I mean the history, the memories, all that related to them will come alive to us!

Like a magician, theatre can do a lot of miracles which you cannot imagine.

Isn’t it amazing?

And BOOM was one of them, after SIGHT LINES PRODUCTIONS’s first miracle of “TRAINSTOPPING” by a group of fresh talented ‘magicians’, they were going to perform their second ‘magic’ show – “BOOM”!

Of course, SIGHT LINES PRODUCTIONS has always been having an eagle-eye vision, and in keeping on right track like before, in knowing the importance to choose a well-versed playwright, for his or her intelligent script.

This time, they had also chosen our local writer, Jean Tay, and ‘BOOM’ is the text for ‘N’ and ‘O’ level.

The story seemed simple, a property agent son was trying to convince his mum to sell their en-bloc flat which they lived for 30 years; while on the other hand, a civil servant was trying to convince a Mmm…. ‘corpse’?! to move out from his grave. The common between these two stories – was giving up the Old and in moving on to the New.

Well, the show began with a loud ‘BOOM’, with the startling lights and stunning music! An impressive start off!

Then shortly after that, I was fully entertained by the three young property agents (Andrew Lua, Benjamin Kheng and Amanda Tee) in their witty and rhythmical lines of sharing with us how to select the correct words / phrases in order to raise their chances in selling out a house. In short, in creating – a disillusion!

Back to the reality, we came to know more about one of the property agent, Boon (Andrew Lua) and his mum (Fanny Kee), about a love story of Boon’s mum and dad – how his dad wanted to buy a house for his mum, why his dad left them, his relationship with his father, etc – all their happiness and sadness, all their arguments and reconciliations, all their memories that had been kept preciously by his mum in this house – their home.

All these had laid a very good foundation for me as the play went by, as I also grew my feeling with the mother and son, and THE house. Even the wall, I could see the trace of memories in it – the fading of the superman sticker.

There was good chemistry between Fanny and Andrew, a very convincing pair of mother and son. Very often I was touched by their love for each other, despite in their quarrels.

Andrew is a versatile actor who can shift his role from all ages, I cannot help to laugh when he acted so well as a child, and when he really ‘grew’ up at the end of the play I also cannot help not to take him ‘seriously’ again. Well, I believe I will definitely take him very seriously as the next veteran in Theatre in the time to come, a glowing actor.

I think it was the first time I watched Fanny in ‘Act-ion’. Frankly speaking, I could not feel she was ‘acting’ – she was just Mdm Ong, the Mother herself! She really seemed so familiar to me, who I could identify her with some of the mothers who I had met – no doubt of it! And her monologue at the end, nearly moved me to tears, I didn’t cry doesn’t mean I was not sad, but just I could feel her sadness so strongly that you know, the greatest sadness was one that you can’t even cry out! And that it, from Fanny! Not many performers are able to do so!

The next person, I am very much wanting to praise is Erwin Shah Ismail. He was so funny and so natural. Whenever he was on stage, my eye just lifted up! I enjoyed his ‘special’ talent and the time he had his conversation with the ‘corpse’ – (Vincent Tee, who had acted very well in his role, just that in this role, had not much ‘room’ for his to show his acting ability, but I trust he is a very good actor too – at least over here, he expressed his emotions very well with his voice).

I can see the potential in Benjamin and Amanda, good jobs in acting multi roles, not easy but I managed to see all your different characters very clearly – No mixed up!

Engie, who is the producer, had a role to play too, a pleasure surprise – nice to see you!

There was no dull moment for me in BOOM.

I believe all these have to give credits to the great directing skill of Derrick.

But lastly, though many compliments I had heard about the very impressive and innovative huge set which I cannot agree less about it; yet I felt that this set might give a little shortcoming if the scene was at the second floor, which the actors were ‘inside’ the office that separate us and them by a thick transparent glass, sometimes their voices cannot to hear clearly, some words seemed to be ‘eaten up’.

In conclusion, I had left my seat with satisfaction and looking forward to see all the grooming stars to shine even brighter in the theatre scene in the near future!

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