Upcoming – “BOOM” by SIGHTLINES PRODUCTIONS (Singapore)

Hey! “New Kids on the Board”, which they called themselves as during their debut production that took place about a month ago, a musical named  “TRAINSTOPPING: The Year in Revue 2011”, SIGHT LINES PRODUCTIONS is in Action AGAIN! This time, in their sophomore performance, they are going to present you a play titled “BOOM”, from 29th June to 8 July 2012 at DBS Arts Centre, directed by the same director, Derrick Chew (also winner of “Best Film”, 20th Singapore International Film Festival and director of a local film “Balik Kampung”- Coming Home).

Full details of “BOOM” => Boom fact sheet

Show Synopsis:

2006 LIFE! Theatre Awards, “Best Original Script” winner, Jean Tay takes on a subject close to every true-blue Singaporean’s heart – Land. On this tiny red dot where sand is as precious as gold, homes exchange hands like commodities. Historical icons are constantly being bulldozed in the name of progress. Week after week, we see our forgotten icons of yesteryear – Rochor Centre, Bukit Brown Cemetery and the KTM Railway Corridor – dominating the headlines in the wake of their impending demolition. The gleaming corporate towers and mega-expresseways that replace these icons, signal Singapore’s progress to the world – but at what cost?

BOOM puts our property woes into perspective, through tales we have become familiar with. The ageing heartlander (Fanny Kee) – unwilling to sell the home she has grown to love. The conniving property agent (Andrew Lua) – eager to make a quick buck and the idealistic civil servant (Erwin Shah Ismail) – assigned with the herculean task of relocating graves.

Welcome to the surreal world of BOOM where the dead aren’t allowed to rest in peace and heaven is a luxury sky villa with A1 designer decor.

Wow! Such a thought-provoking storyline that’s sure to go through deep into the core of your heart, how can you miss it?! Catch it before it “BOOM”s! Grab your ticket NOW!!


Running from 29th June – 8 July 2012

Performing at DBS Arts Centre, Home of SRT

Tickets through SISTIC, hotline: 6348 5555, www.sistic.com.sg

Prices from $40 to $55


This show is eligible for TOTE Board Arts Grants Subsidy.

 **For more information, please email to ticketing@sightlines.com.sg

** To know more about the theatre company, www.sightlines.com.sg 

 **LIKE them on Facebook – www.facebook.com/sightlinesentertainment

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