Get Ready For Your Ride! – “TRAINSTOPPING: The Year in Revue 2011” by SIGHT LINES PRODUCTIONS (Singapore)

MTV (please click below):

Watching the MTV of “Trainstopping” again just now, I was moving my body along with the three comical “MRT’s crews” and singing along with them “lamenting” all the “highs and lows” of our daily ride on train and some of the highlights happened last year which involved, Yes! Trainstopping and also incidents like spraying paint on the body of the train, etc…  I’m all eager and looking forward to this play which seems a promising production, fully packed with local jokes and ready for more laughter – Yes! Fully packed! Like what most of us are experiencing when we are on board the train to work every morning or after work every evening!

But the difference is – this play is going to bring your ride a joyful one!

Don’t believe? Then you shall find out for yourself!

I’m sure you will not regret it! And maybe there will be certain moment(s) in this play which may reflect what you have been through or what you might see or hear on train that will bring you a smile or two, so you may bring along with you during your ride on train in the future, especially when you are facing “challenges” on board; that particular scene(s) might bring you some forms of uplifting power while others might be annoyed when are caught in certain situations but who knows, one might be wondering why you can still stay so calm and smiling away! That’s because you have watched “Trainstopping” and your ride on train will never be the same anymore – you can still love your ride regardless!

Let’s see!

Stop! And get your ticket now! =)

P.S: Hey! “Trainstopping” was on TODAY’s paper recently! Check it out!

“TRAINSTOPPING: The Year in Revue 2011”

Running from 26 April to 3 May 2012

Chamber, The Arts House

Monday – Friday: 8pm

Saturday & Sunday: 4pm & 8pm

Labour Day, 1 May: 4pm & 8pm

General admission: $48 (excluding $2 handling fee)

Tickets available at BYTES

Hotline: 6332 6919

For more insights of this play, please go to:-

One comment on “Get Ready For Your Ride! – “TRAINSTOPPING: The Year in Revue 2011” by SIGHT LINES PRODUCTIONS (Singapore)

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