Tea Break: Going For The Extra Mile Does Make A Difference!

I know I’m hopeless when come to this theory of good “marriage” in my food with the “right” kind of drink to go along with.

I can really bother even it is just a quick bite kind of thing.

For example, recently at one of shopping mall when I wanted to have a “quick” dinner, I would go and get a cup of black tea – Lipton yellow label, from the nearby KFC, to go with my favourite Tako Pachi Octopus balls and after that my dessert of cup cake from Crystal Jade My Bakery.

(Tip: It is always nice to have something sweet after something salty to go along with tea which can help to “cleanse” your taste bud the most effectively especially when you want to switch to your next delight food without having both of their taste being “mixed up”.

In addition, I remember watching one Japanese drama about Sushi (“蒋太的寿司”), one of the food critic actually choose to drink black tea in between his every tasting of each sushi to justify the “real” taste of the food, instead of their traditional green tea.)

Ok, back to my “story” now. Haha! =p

Although it was just a quick snack, to go for the extra mile to get the drink which I wanted to go along with my foods really really make a great different!

It is indescribable satisfactory!

Trust me! 😉

Well, I’m currently not in any marriage or relationship to declare this so “loudly” as if I’m an expert or anything because said is always easier than done! =p

But I can imagine or assume that in any marriage or serious relationship. It is also about making efforts if you really bother enough, isn’t it? 😉

Therefore, going for that extra mile does make a difference!

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