Coffee Break – Time is Love!

Hey, since my blog is named after coffee and tea, therefore I think I must share a little bit about them (here and there) then lah! =p

Who said a tea lover cannot be a coffee lover too? 😉 I’m both of them actually!

By the way, share with you my breakfast for today (picture below). Look nice to you? 😉

To me, it is a sumptuous one already, and the best part is: it doesn’t have to be costly at some nice cafe! Just at a neighbourhood coffeeshop; a simple but yet traditional meal of a few selection of Nonya’s kuehs with a cup of aromatic Hainan coffee to go with…hmm…Wow! It has brought me back to my childhood’s time while I’m enjoying them; also remind me of this animation movie, “Ratatouille” when a simple meal has brought a critical food critic back to his childhood’s memory that helped him to recall his first love for food again, melted and warmed his heart of not been so harsh in his personality anymore!

And you know, I also see that the “right” match of drink with your food is like in a “good” marriage. If you have matched them well, WoW! It is like as if in heaven (I mean just a description as I have not been in heaven to know it myself too. =p)

Back to my breakfast, my conclusion is: Kueh is best to go with coffee! Haha! Just my opinion lah. No right or wrong. =)

Try it for yourself the next time! 😉

It’s also important to take time to enjoy your breakfast too! Just like in a good marriage needs to give up time to maintain, to grow and learn to appreciate each other!

Well, cherish the quality of everything which is valuable to you with your time.

Because, Time is Love!

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