SPRING AWAKENING by PANGDEMONIUM! (Singapore) – Senses Awakening!

Drama Centre Theatre

7th February 2012 (Tuesday) 8pm

 Hey! Really looking forward to this performance!

As it has musical, play and dance all in one! Plus my favourite – Rock ‘n’ Roll music! Wonderful!

Before the actual show starts, I am immediately impressed by the setup of the stage the minute I step into the theatre with the classical music playing in the background which brings me back to the period of this play, 1982, in Germany, when classical music was the traditional music that the older generation would prefer listen to the new age music – Rock ‘n’ Roll. A contrast between the old and the new; is it a hint that a conflict between these two generations will be occurring soon??


The story tells about how these 11 teenagers venture through their way of self-discovery during their growing up, exploring their own curiosity and thrills, dealing with trials and tribulations in life.

This is also a story which reminds us how anguish it is for any child whose parents never takes time to listen and understand them. The topics in this play are definitely worth thinking through carefully and upon self-reflection, even in today’s context.

No matter is in the past or in the present; the relationship between the old school of thought and the new age’s thinking is often debating. There’s never a solution to it, but with trying to understand where the other party is coming from and to be in each other’s shoes, in tolerance and empathy, things might be better.

Sadly, it is not the case in this play. If so, many misfortunes might be able to avoid.


I can see great efforts by the two main leads, Nathan Hartono as Melchior and Julia Abueva as Wendla, though they might be young, their performances are excellent! I’m very much touched by their acting and feel for them as the story goes. Their characters reminds me of “Romeo and Juliet” by William Shakespeare, when Priest Friar Lawrence advises Romeo regarding his pursuit to marry Juliet, “Wisely and slow. They stumble that run fast”. It seems to be the advice for Melchior and Wendla, if they can take thing slower, maybe their result will not be the same. Sometimes, it is also good to take the advice from the adults, especially the wiser ones.   

Another character who I must mention is Moritz plays by Eden Ang, he has acted this role very well and catches my attention the most of his flamboyant and funny portrayal though I’m very sad that his ending is not as funny as it is.

Of course, the rest of the performers (including the children performers) are singing and acting very well. And needless to mention for Adrian Pang and Candice De Rozario for their many years of experiences, they are really fantastic!

I would like to choose my most favourite singer to be Rebecca Spykerman who acts as Ilse. I love to listen to all her solo parts, though my favourite songs are “Mama who bore me” and “I believe” which I can still remember their melodies by now. The rest of the songs, I enjoyed them very much during the performance but to be honest I can’t remember them very clearly now, maybe I guess due to my bad memory. =p


Wow! I love the dance moves choreographed by Bill Calhoun – very energetic and explosive! Especially the classroom scene when the boys holding their black microphones, dancing and singing with their chairs. Must be very challenging in presenting it!


Well, watching “Spring Awakening” is an awakening to my senses! It’s not only have moved my feelings, with my heart pumping and breathing with the characters; it has also moved me of wanting to sing, dance and jump with them.

In additional, the captivating lightings and the creative stage setup have kept my eyes active from moving to one point to another.

It is indeed an awakening experience for me!

And I’m glad I have caught it!


Don’t miss it if you have not gotten your ticket yet!

It will be showing till 26 February at Drama Centre Theatre.

Ticket @ SISTIC, Details . =)

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