One Hundred Years of Solitude – Cultural Revolution Co-produced by Zuni Icosahedron & Drama Box (Hong Kong / Singapore) -In solitude, we listen within.

Esplanade Theatre

1 February 2012 (Wednesday) 8pm

 Details in (Chinese / English)

 I know I’m always having very lame reason why I choose what I have chosen sometimes. =p

I had chosen this play, firstly it is participated by quite a number of our local practitioners and I want to give them my morale support, another reason is because it has the similar title of novel, “One Hundred Years of Solitude” written by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, and the reason why I chose the book many years ago was because I like the title very much without even knowing anything about the author, because of the word, “solitude” and “in One Hundred Years”. It sounded so sophisticated to me and the topic seemed so interesting; I was attracted to it immediately! Without thinking much, I bought it! Lame reason, right? Haha! Don’t laugh. =P 

The history repeats itself this time, as before I bought my ticket to this performance, I also didn’t know much about it (just knew that they had performed in Hong Kong last year); I didn’t know that it will be a “silent” play without any dialogue (reminds me of the movie, “The Artist”, which is a silent film). Furthermore, I heard that this play is an experimental performance which can be quite abstract; I start to worry whether I will know how to appreciate it.

But to my surprise actually, I enjoy it! I cannot say I totally understand what everything is about but I just take whatever the moment is and my feeling for that moment whenever a scene is created or a character that has captured my attention.

Though I have never been through the Cultural Revolution which had taken place in the 60’s; I feel that I could identify some parts with the characters – the struggles which they are going through: like staying truthful with ourselves and not following blindly with the majority; dare to be different among the crowd, etc.

Only in solitude, then we are able to listen to our inner voices.

It is definitely not easy to be “different” as it requires a lot of courage. This performance has proven me so! And I look up for their courage in carrying it out!


As everyone has their own way in presenting their stories whether you like it or not. I strongly feel that since you have “chosen” to be the “audience”, you must show your respect to the person who is telling the story and also the consideration for others who want to enjoy it. For example, by keeping yourself as quiet as you can during the whole thing, so that you will not disturb anyone.

If you have comments – very good! BUT please share your views after that. If you do not like the show, it’s also fine. Just leave quietly – thank you so much!

Sorry that I have side tracked a bit here as to be honest, I was pretty annoyed by some of the rather rude behaviours from some of audience.


Ok, back to the show. In short, I like it. I enjoy it like admiring a moving painting – telling stories about the different periods of time during the revolution and how people react to them, their emotions and struggles.

As changes require revolution and every revolution has a price to pay. In order to make a difference, how much price are we willing to pay?

How much are we willing to sacrifice to fight for our belief?

Are we really changing for the better?

Are we moving forward or backward?

Are we also always rushing through time or taking time to ponder deeper enough?

Why are we doing what we are doing?

How are we becoming over time?

Are we still we are?

P.S:     I’m very delighted to see the heading, “Silence is Golden”, a review of this performance written by Ng Yishen, published in The Straits Times, Life! On Friday, 3rd Feb.

Well said, Yishen! You have hit the nail of what I want to say to some of the audiences that night (haha! I know you do not mean what I mean, I know).

And you have written the review very well! I have learnt a lot from you.

Actually, I have been trying very hard not to read anyone’s review before writing mine (and I have done so) as I’m afraid I might get affected.

It is really a humbling experience for me in writing my thoughts on the performances I have watched as it is more difficult than I think it is of my ability in doing so and I know I have so much to be improved in, still very very far from writing a good piece. 

But nevertheless, it is also an enjoyable process for me and I will keep on trying! ^^V

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