Why “Coffee or Tea”?

I remember many years ago, I attended a Chinese tea appreciation workshop, the instructor made a comment saying that a person who like to drink tea will Not like to drink coffee. But I guessed he must have noticed my surprised expression, he came towards me and asked if I agreed with him. I told him honestly that I happen to be the type of person who likes drinking coffee and tea, depending on my “mood” and also on what time of the day or the food/snacks to go with, etc…although maybe I might like tea slightly more.

After he heard my reply, he shook his head with a very certain disagreement, saying that it is impossible! As he strongly believes if a person who “really” love tea will hate coffee. I realised he had used a stronger adjective this time – from “like” to “love” via “hate”. Then he made a statement saying that I’m not a “real” tea lover or someone who “know” how to appreciate good tea, that why I’m “confused” with my likings.

But on the other hand, I’m equally amazed how can anyone make such an absolute claim and seems like telling me that he knows me better than I know myself. Therefore, I just laughed it off and felt that as long as I’m sure myself, that’s no necessity to go on arguing. =p

This encounter reminds me about Arts which can be quite subjective to each one of us as there is no absolute right or wrong answer; what should be a good piece of art to one might not be the same to another person.

So coffee or tea, which one tastes better – nobody has the Absolute Correct answer.

Which one you like? Your choice. =)

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