I’m just an member of the audience who enjoys watching TV dramas, movies, films and theatre performances. As a laywoman in arts myself, I’m definitely not qualified to be a professional critic, but just someone who likes to share her thoughts of what she had watched with others. =)

I’m also not eloquent in expressing myself and proficient in my writing but I hope I could get better in doing so each time; please pardon me if what I have shared doesn’t make sense to you or I might go out of point sometimes. =p

The main reason why I love drama, play, movie and film is because they are reflections of life to me. Yes, no matter what is in the story – complete or incomplete, good or bad; there’s always something worth pondering deeper and learning from as my life experiences.

I’m often amazed if a great or a simple story is presented in an incredible way by the wonderful hands of an excellent hands of a script writer or director, and the magic created by whole team from the front line artists to all the unseen heroes/heroines from the back stage.

That why I fall in love with them. And I would like to write my feelings in this blog as a journal for myself, as well as in taking the opportunity to share with someone and hoping to hear from you your precious response and feedback too! =)

Thank you!

Tu Zi

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